Schlagwort-Archive: design patterns

Zusammenfassung: Welches Pattern macht was

  • Decorator – Wraps an object to provide new behaviour
  • State – Encapsulates state-based behaviours and uses delegation to switch between behaviours
  • Iterator – Provides a way to traverse a collection of objects without exposing its implementation
  • Facade – Simplifies the interface of a set of classes
  • Strategy – Encapsulates interchangeable behaviours and uses delegation to decide which one to use
  • Proxy – Wraps an object to control access to it
  • Factory Method – Subclasses decide which concrete classes to create
  • Adapter – Wraps an object an provides a different interface to it
  • Observer – Allows objects to be notified when state changes
  • Template Method – Subclasses decide how to implement steps in an algorithm
  • Composite – Clients treat collections of objects and individual objects uniformity
  • Singleton – Ensures one and only object is created
  • Abstract Factory – Allows a client to create families of objects without specifying their concrete classes
  • Command – Encapsulates a request as an object
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